5 Days until Fly-Day

Test furnace.  Invoice client.  Email casting agent.  Return library books.  Buy another SATA harddrive.  Pick up loaner iPad.  Chase missing money transfer.  Backup personal files.  Assemble footage from test shoot.  Email donors.  Take vitamins.

True story!  The list of stuff to be done is massive right now, spread across a 2′ x 4′ piece of my daughter’s art paper above my workstation at home.  It’s almost a piece of art!  Almost.

Monday afternoon I head to the airport with my wife and daughter, on our way to Hong Kong.  We’ll be joined by 3 other crew members from Ottawa a few weeks later, and the first day of principal photography on “8 Minutes Ahead” should be Thursday, November 8.

I’ve been meaning to blog more often but usually didn’t know what to say other than “Arrrgggghhhh oooops mmmmmfffffffffgggggg not again asdfasdfasdfasdf”.  I guess the beauty of that would have been the opportunity for readers to interpret.  “Hmm, what is crazy first-time director man saying now?  Oooh, I think he wants a cookie!”

However, now that the more tangible part of the journey is beginning, I commit, dear reader, to posting a weekly update at the very least, to keep you in the loop and out of the dark as much as possible.  It should be enlightening.

So… who’s reading?

Ben Hoskyn
Director, “8 Minutes Ahead”