Pre-production underway

Well we are off and running! We’re approaching the 30% mark of our $6000 Indiegogo goal, all within the first 20 days of the campaign. THANK YOU!!

45 days left to go in this online funding drive, and then we pack like mad and get on the plane on Oct 1st (6:55pm EST, in case you were wondering)

Stuff going on the next few weeks:

– Script discussions and revisions so we can lock it down

– Hong Kong production coordinator starts casting (can’t wait!!!)

– Prepping for the next Ottawa fundraiser, coming up August 10th at Shanghai Restaurant in Chinatown

At this point the best way you can help is by spreading the word to your friends/family/colleagues. The more people know about the movie, the better the fundraising will go, and ultimately the farther the word will have spread by the time the movie comes out in 2014!

It’s so encouraging to have you all on board! Thank you all.

Hong Kong, here we come…