About The Film

“When their dying father makes a sudden change to his will, two half-brothers from different worlds must decide what they value most – money or family.”

Written by Allan Mackey & Nick Dolinski
Directed by Ben Hoskyn

8 Minutes Ahead is a feature-length drama that explores the conflicting themes of greed, loyalty, and ambition within a family of Chinese Canadians and their Hong Kong relatives.

Workaholic, success-obsessed Zhou Li spent decades building a shipping company from the ground up and now at the end of his life, he’s wondering what it all really amounted to.

When he makes a sudden change to his will and to the inheritance his children stand to receive, his two very different sons are faced with an age-old dilemma: in the pursuit of wealth, how much is enough, and at what cost?  Each must decide between devoting their lives to the family business, or breaking away from it in order to live a life their father never could.

Eldest son Danny is fully consumed running the business his father started. He takes recent adjustments to the will as a personal affront and refuses to accept any change to his standing, making him even more oblivious to the needs and troubles of his own family.

Out in Hong Kong is nineteen year old Cheng, the son Zhou never met. Cheng has been obsessed with getting rich ever since he understood what money was. Now that a chance has presented itself, Cheng soon realizes that money comes with strings attached and he’ll be lucky if he can untangle himself in time to make it out alive.

Coming Fall 2017